Advanced Technology

Computerized Digital Radiography

Computerized Digital Radiography (CDR) is a technological advancement that dramatically improves the quality of care for our patients. A 90% reduction in radiation exposure as compared to conventional radiographs, and greatly enhanced diagnostic ability due to the computer-enhanced image. Aside from that, it allows the doctor to better explain the course of treatment because he can visually show the patient the problematic area on a large computer screen and how it can be resolved.

ZEISS Microscope

The ZEISS Microscope adds a whole new dimension in the treatment and retreatment of endodontic cases. The combination of magnification and illumination makes this an indispensable tool in the field of endodontics

Erb-Yag Laser

We believe that laser-assisted endodontics is an important new innovation and have integrated lasers into all aspects of our care, including endodontic microsurgery. Studies have shown that laser disinfection can eliminate up to 99.8% of bacteria from root canal systems.

The Erb-Yag Laser (similar to the lasers used in eye surgery). This is our newest addition. Incorporating the laser in the treatment of endodontics has given us the ability to reduce the amount of local anesthesia (Novocaine). It allows for greater preservation of tooth structure, enhanced patient comfort and simplification of many treatment schedules. Surgical procedures are performed with little or no bleeding, minimal post-operative discomfort and rapid healing times.

CareStream 8100 3D Cone Beam

This is our newest addition, allowing the doctor to compare initial panoramic views of your teeth with the detailed 3D imaging, you are receiving endodontic care customized to your oral needs. The CS 8100 3D Cone Beam X-Ray offers a combination of 2D imaging and  3D power to provide the highest image quality.

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